The Green Bunker Fuel-Enhancer

With the introduction of strict emissions regulations and the lowering of sulfur limits in marine fuel, many shipowners, marine engineers and technicians are finding it more challenging to deal with marine fuel problems such as high sulfur content, bacterial contaminants, sludge & wax deposits, corrosion and so forth. Over an extended duration, such problems could harm the ship’s engines which could lead to expensive repairs and unproductive down time.

Based on the concept of the Green Fuel Energizer, the Green Bunker Fuel-Enhancer came into existence. Most large shipping vessels use bunker fuel as the main source of fuel and therefore that also contributed to the increase of greenhouse gases.

The Green Bunker Fuel-Enhancer is able to:

  • Reduce sulfur content and other toxic particles of marine fuel by a significant amount. Whether your ship engines are running on conventional Heavy Fuel oils or marine distillates, it is the perfect solution to address those problems.
  • In addition to lowering sulfur and other toxic emissions, it helps to improve fuel consumption with better economy/optimization and reduced fouling of exhaust gas systems
  • Protect the ship’s combustion engines and all moving parts leading to prolong engine life span, lower maintenance required and minimal repairs and down time.
  • Can competently lower or depress pour point and allowing lower value streams to be used. Wax formation will be minimized.
  • Better fuel viscosity to prevent potential ship operational issues and challenges.
  • Reduces sludge in fuel so to allow more fuel for combustion.
  • Increased fuel stability and compatibility of marine fuel or any heavy fuel blend.