Green Engine Treatment

While the Green Fuel-Energizer was developed for use in the combustion chamber of the engine, Green Engine Treatment (GET) supplements the above and targets the treatment of the lower chambers. It is specially formulated to reduce engine friction, noise, drag and to provide extra lubricity to the engine. The GET is an innovative bio-technological creation developed alongside the GFE and is made from natural resources, as opposed to chemical additives which currently dominate the market. It is a product derived from natural vegetable extracts that are Non-pollutant, Non-petrochemical & fully biodegradable.

Engine Dynamics Explained

  • More than 60% of a vehicle’s fuel energy is wasted just to overcome engine friction.
  • Interaction between the engine internal parts accounts for 30% to 50% of engine friction (source-US Department of Energy on Internal Combustion).
  • Only 25% of the fuel energy is used to move the vehicle.

Friction vs. Performance

  • As a vehicle clocks more kilometers, more oxide deposits and sludge will build-up in the engine. This will increase friction and heat through time. As the build-up process is gradual, most drivers will not immediately notice the deteriorating performance of the engine and the consequent sluggishness.

Total Solution & Benefits

  • Improves Engine Lubricity – engine friction and drag is significantly reduced with greater lubricity
  • Greater fuel efficiency – increases fuel efficiency with less drag, friction and reduced energy heat.
  • Smoother & Quieter Engine – experience smooth and cruising RPM coupled with better throttle response. Noise and vibration is also reduced with more stable idling.
  • Improves Engine Performance – restores engine condition and increases its performance through enhanced horsepower and torque.
  • Increases Engine Lifespan –engine parts maintenance is reduced and engine lifespan is increased significantly.
  • Engine Cleansing Properties – acts as a cleaning agent to remove unwanted deposits, sludge and gum.
  • Reduces Valves Recession – protects engine from valves recession for both CNG & LPG usage.
  • Environmentally Friendly – all components of the GET is environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable.